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Sports Insoles

Sports Insoles

Since 1998, we’ve been trusted by athletes, the British Army and many more professionals to provide world-leading orthotics.
5 years ago we came across D3O – a smart material that is flexible but on impact, it’s molecules lock together to absorb shock and then returns back to it’s flexible state.

We knew that if we combined this technology with our expertise in orthotics, we could create a unique insole with many benefits. So that’s exactly what we did. After extensive testing, the British Army mandated our insoles as the only shock absorption insole to be used by the Armed Forces.

Now our insoles are available not just to the pros. Everyone can take advantage of our expertise and advanced D3O technology. We think our insoles are pretty awesome, but don’t take just our word for it, read our reviews or find out more about D3O technology.


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Enertor Comfort Full Insoles
Enertor Comfort Full Insoles
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Enertor Comfort Heel Cups
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