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DUORA Yonex Technology:

DUORA rackets are designed to bring radical innovation to your game, letting you command the court with every shot. Every racket in this range features two key technologies: the Dual Optimum System and Nanometric DR.

Dual Optimum System: Every racquet in the DUORA series features two, contrasting racquet profiles, allowing you to hit the right type of shot every time. The Orange Box frame gives you power and a solid feeling, while the Green Aero frame gives you speed and sharp returns.
Nanometric DR: Developed for space aviation, Nanometric DR is a new carbon material, making your racket tougher and giving you more shuttle hold, repulsion and impact strength.



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Yonex Duora 33
Yonex Duora 33
YONEX DUORA 33 RRP £80.00 Flexible shaft combined with Duora frame for easily-accessible speed..
Ex Tax: £80.00

Yonex Duora 7
Yonex Duora 7
YONEX DUORA 7 RRP £170.00   OUR PRICE £153.00 With DUORA’s cutting-edge..
Ex Tax: £153.00

Yonex Duora 8XP
Yonex Duora 8XP
DUORA 8XP BADMINTON RACKET RRP £165.00   OUR PRICE £148.00 High Tension Frame. Desig..
Ex Tax: £148.00

Yonex Duora Z Strike
Yonex Duora Z Strike
YONEX DUORA Z STRIKE   RRP £200.00    OUR PRICE £180.00 Offensive rac..
Ex Tax: £180.00

Yonex Duroa 10
Yonex Duroa 10
THE ALL NEW YONEX DUROA 10 RRP £175.00  OUR PRICE £157.00 With DUORA’s cutti..
Ex Tax: £157.00